Sales Enablement for remote working

In the past year, more professionals started working remotely than ever before. The current context has brought great change to Sales Enablement. With the rise of remote selling, Marketing and Sales teams face new challenges. However, this can also be seen as new opportunities with the right Sales Enablement strategy and tools in place.

But, are sales productivity and remote working compatible? Well, 77% of employees report higher productivity when working remotely. According to this statistic, both concepts are compatible, but it seems like remote working can boost productivity!
However, this does not simply happen without putting some well-focused efforts in. Today, we will look at a few tips & tricks to make remote work, and your Sales Enablement strategy goes hand in hand.

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Align your content marketing with your sales team

Sales will keep selling remotely and marketers will keep on creating new content: it’s business as usual. In a Sales Enablement logic, both teams should be aligned and communicating smoothly. But, if the alignment was a challenge when everyone was located in the same office, how to tackle it remotely?

When it comes to content developed by Marketing for Sales, there are two things to keep in mind :

  • Content needs to be aligned with the needs of salespeople according to every step of the customer’s journey. If you are working remotely, be sure that on-brand content is available for them to use freely.
  • Sales teams need to keep in mind the importance of the work Marketing puts in. Indeed, working remotely might have your salespeople feeling creative and wanting to create all new sales collateral. However, this bypasses the work of Marketing puts in to add the brand’s impact to every piece of content.

To avoid this misalignment, encourage collaboration and insight sharing between both teams. When it comes to sales collateral creation and delivery, both teams should remain involved at different scales. can help with that as our interface enables marketers to make content available for salespeople to use.

Content creators upload sales collateral that salespeople can later assemble according to their specific needs. Said content can later be personalized directly on the platform according to the customer that is being addressed.

All in all, we offer a way of generating hyper-personalized, on-brand sales proposals in just seconds. This helps both teams and combine their assets to obtain the best possible result, even when working remotely.

Centralize your resources & rethink your organization

As mentioned above, it is essential that content is easily accessible. In remote working, success depends highly on resources being organized and available for your salespeople to use. This means all these types of content should be available online:

  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Buyer personas
  • Sales scripts
  • eBooks

Sales and marketing collateral should be organized in a way that fits and is understood by both teams. To efficiently organize content, you can try different approaches:

  • Organization by topic
  • Organization by format
  • Organization by industry
  • Organization by sales funnel point
  • Organization by buyer persona
Leverage the power of video

Thanks to the power of video, you can boost your Sales Enablement, especially when working from home. There are several constraints today when a company wants to implement a Sales Enablement strategy. First of all, salespeople’s time is precious and the information transmitted during meetings is often forgotten or poorly applied.

In this context, video can help companies in the implementation of said strategy. Indeed, it is possible to transmit short messages, which are therefore more viewed by the sales staff and reusable.

Kannelle is a video software that allows sales and marketing teams to make videos in less than 15 minutes simply and effectively in 3 steps:

  • The choice of the scenario: for example employee feedback. All scenarios are perfectly suited to the needs of users.
  • Capture: Film yourself while working remotely!
  • Automated editing: The user can add images, subtitles, music
    In a pandemic, context video can be of great help in several ways for Sales Enablement. From sales training to sales collateral, video content is an asset that should not be overlooked.

Organize cross-discipline exchanges

Narrowing the gap between the different teams and key people involved in a company’s Sales Enablement initiative is a challenge. The goal is to enable dialogue between the different parts of the business. This leads to insight-sharing and asset-boosting cycles that power the strategy and its results.

When everyone is in the same office, occasions are naturally created for people to exchange. However, in a remote setting, most employees only chat with other members of their teams.

An idea to continue encouraging asset and insight sharing is to organize cross-discipline exchanges. This kind of semi-structured meeting can be held weekly or monthly, and put the spotlight on a different team each time.

During these meetings, different subjects can be discussed : a customer case, the latest marketing trends, new technologies, latest challenges or team projetcs. Discussing different topics together will boost each team’s tacit learning and bring new perspectives into their issues.

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Get a free PowerPoint template
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