Sales Enablement software : 7 things to consider before investing

As the Sales Enablement  market erupted, so have sales enablement softwares. Sales Enablement strategies today are often powered by sales automation tools that address different needs. With this in mind they can help with aspects such as : 

  • Automate customer experience to impact engagement
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Provide key sales intelligence

Many of these tools are powered by AI and machine learning. Unquestionably, this helps properly leverage data and generate sales-boosting content or insights. The most wholesome products, which aim to be end-to-end solutions, are referred to as Sales Enablement platforms.

In fact, if you have a Sales Enablement strategy in place in your company you might be considering implementing a new technology to boost it. To help you out, we listed 7 things you need to keep an eye on before making your decision.

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1. The tool is functionally relevant

As has ben noted, Sales Enablement tools have a wide functional array. However, there is no such thing as one-fit-all software. The relevance of this type of tool is inherently linked to the type of issue you are trying to address, as well as the company’s size and structure for example.

In this context, and before deciding, it is key to conduct a thorough technology assessment. This will ensure that you understand your issue, its implications, and what is needed functionally to solve it.

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2. Content creation is simple

If the main goal for the implementation is content creation and management, it is wise to check out if the tool is easy to use. This is important for two main reasons:

  • Your marketing team most likely already has a content creation tool. Therefore, making a software change will imply some change management. If gaining adoption is a process that might take some time, easy-to-handle tools are a step ahead.
  • Sales teams function fast, and content needs to produce at a certain rate. When implementing a Sales Enablement software for content creation, you should consider if it will spare time for marketers. Indeed, fast content creation can make a difference between closing a deal or not.

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3. User-friendly interface

As for marketers with content creation, the tool should be easy to handle for its end-user, no matter its role. A simple and user-friendly interface works the best and guarantees a better adoption rate. To enable your sales team, for example, look for a tool that makes finding the right content easy for them.

If the interface is too complicated, you risk confusing its end users that will eventually discard its use and keep working their way.

4. Enables collaboration

A Sales Enablement strategy entails collaboration between your Marketing and Sales teams.

Sales and marketing alignment also referred to as Smarketing, is when both teams work with more transparency, better communication, and collaboration for greater efficiency. The end goal is to convert more leads and, in the long run, enhance profitability and revenue altogether.

In this context, we advise you to look for a software that allows easy collaboration between both to boost alignment and guarantee your Sales Enablement strategy’s success.

5. Provides training facility

Efficient training is also an important factor for a Sales Enablement strategy to succeed. Indeed, it is all about equipping your team with the right tools and the right skill set to face prospects.

Sales training, as well as Sales coaching, are a part of the strategy and should be delivered throughout time to your teams, according to their collective and individual needs.

Therefore, a tool equipped with the possibility of delivering training material to your sales team might come in handy.

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6. Allows integrations with third-party systems

As you know, companies today have a multitude of technological tools that are sometimes specific to a determined team or activity. For your sales team, it is all about the CRM. This type of software ensures that every step of the interaction with prospects and customers goes smoothly and efficiently.
When deciding on Sales Enablement software, make sure to check out if it integrates with your CRM as it is the central space where your sales team works.

7. Provides analytics

For a Sales Enablement strategy to succeed, key metrics must be established. Indeed, it is the only way to accurately measure achievements in the areas that you are seeking to improve. These KPIs should be defined beforehand and followed regularly by every team implied in Sales Enablement.

In this context, you should make sure that the tool you choose includes at least features for providing analytics on usage. Ideally, you should go for a tool that provides not only analytics but also tangible insights for your Data, Sales, and Marketing teams.

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