Sales collateral to engage customers

Engaging customers and prospects through marketing materials is a challenge for many companies. Indeed, it consists in involving the customer in the interactions with your company. However, with so many offers and companies, it is difficult to do so. This is how the sales collateral come into play. Sales collateral allow you to accompany your sales teams in their speech in order to sell better.

In this article, we'll explain how sales collateral can help drive customer engagement.

The benefits of sales collateral

Create a competitive advantage

The thoughtful use of sales collateral can be a powerful asset. They can highlight your company's positive attributes to grab a prospect's attention and have a positive impact on their opinion.

By definition, a competitive advantage must be difficult to imitate by the competition and be perceived by the customers. On the one hand, having a particularly engaging content sets you apart from your competitors in the eyes of prospects. On the other hand, a wise management of your media, perfectly adapted to your customers' journey, is difficult to reproduce.

So mastering your marketing materials and how they support your salespeople can give you a leg up on your competition.

Modernize brand image

Consumers rely heavily on reviews and images of a company. Much of their research is done on the internet to get a comprehensive view of the company. Therefore, creating modern, dynamic and efficient commercial supports implies that your company is also modern and dynamic. This will allow the prospect to be immersed in your universe so that he will get information about you.

In short, the production of a modern content is essential for the prospect to position you as being in the trend. Indeed, don't forget that content is a reflection of your organization.

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Promote your product/service

Sales materials are excellent promotional tools. It is essential for companies to have content adapted to their sales cycle. This way, the promotion is done in accordance with the target in question.

Thanks to the commercial supports you can among other things:

Announce a new product or service;
Share training material;
Demonstrate your expertise.

In a word, your commercial supports, which can be declined under several formats, are a lever to reach in an effective and profitable way.

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How to increase engagement with your marketing materials?

Improve the customer experience

First and foremost, content is designed to engage your audience and get them interested in your business. Your marketing materials should be a central part of your content strategy. Indeed, they allow you to project the future customer in the use of the service or product.

In this way, sales representatives can create a stronger link with customers and make them experience a unique moment that will push them to choose your service or product and not another one.

Personalize materials

Nowadays, customer demands are increasingly high. Personalized sales material allows sales representatives to approach the interaction with their prospects with greater precision. Indeed, personalization allows to take into account the expectations and the specific context of the latter.

According to the Glady study of 2008, 59% of customers believe that personalization is very important. This way, the prospect will feel unique and special.

Unify the pitch

Sales collateral accompany the salesperson's sales pitch. They must be organized to provide clear and precise information that will help the prospect remember the pitch, even after the meeting.

To gain engagement on sales collateral, marketing teams strive to align them with the sales pitch. Indeed, they act as a common thread to guide the sales force's commercial phrases. In a word, it is key to unify the speech and the materials in order to leave a mark on the minds of your prospects. This must be done with consistency and precision.
To conclude, soliciting a prospect to become a customer is not an easy task.
Sales collateral help you engage them. To be effective, they must follow three golden rules: availability, adaptability and personalization.

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