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The Nexity Patrimoine x project began in 2020. Created in 2000, Nexity is the leading French real estate developer and builder. The group is present throughout the country, in cities such as Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon for example.

Nexity Patrimoine, a branch of the group, markets all the offers for prescribing partners, real estate agents and bankers.

Clotilde Rivat is a marketing manager at Nexity Patrimoine. She shared her experience with during our Builders program.

Context and stakes

Nexity Patrimoine x : the context

First of all, Nexity Patrimoine sells more than 2,000 new homes in 130 cities in France. In this context, it is essential to find the right [sales support tool]( The objective is to provide the sales teams with relevant and up-to-date content.
This way, they can quickly generate presentations for prospective partners.

Nexity Patrimoine x : the challenges

The Nexity Patrimoine x project meets several challenges:

  • First of all, sales teams waste a lot of time creating sales presentations. As a result, their sales and prospecting tasks suffer;

  • In addition, these presentations do not always respect the group graphic charter imposed by marketing, which affects the group's brand image;

  • Finally, the various programs to be presented must include information from different sources, which requires data consolidation.

Project and results

Nexity Patrimoine x : Project

The project conducted by Nexity Patrimoine and includes three main axes:

  1. Centralization of content;
  2. Homogenization of the commercial supports in accordance with the graphic charter;
  3. Feeding the programs with updated data.

Initially, the marketing team's administrators have the possibility to upload and update content on the platform. Thus, the content is centralized and accessible to all users.

Secondly, the marketing team designs templates to ensure a consistent look and feel with the brand.
The templates allow the harmonization of the content in the presentations generated by the sales teams. The group graphic charter is therefore always respected.

Finally, thanks to the platform, the templates are linked to the stock tool and the Nexity Patrimoine promotional site. This makes it possible to retrieve the data related to their various programs.
In this way, the slides are automatically updated with the latest information.

Nexity Patrimoine x : Results

The adoption of Bricks has a positive impact on several aspects:

First, the solution has allowed marketing teams to enforce the graphic charter, thanks to the availability of a common template.

Second, presentations are fed with the latest data for each program in real time.

This allows sales teams to generate their sales materials very quickly. As a result, they can focus on their sales and prospecting tasks.

In short, thanks to Bricks, ready-to-use documents are easily generated by the sales team.

Feedback from Nexity Patrimoine

Team feedback 

The platform has been very successful with the sales teams.
Indeed, it has allowed them to save time and focus on other value-added tasks.

As Clotilde mentions:

"Our sales teams were really pleased with the implementation of this tool. It has saved them time and allowed them to focus on their prospecting and sales work.

A word from Nexity Patrimoine to future customers

Nexity Patrimoine recommends Bricks as a sales support tool to save time for sales teams. It is a very easy to use platform. Moreover, it adapts to all the issues and needs of its users.

In this context, Clotilde shares her feelings about the implementation process:

"We were perfectly accompanied by the teams during the platform setup. We benefit from excellent daily monitoring by teams that are always very responsive."


About Nexity Patrimoine

The Nexity group is the leading player in integrated real estate in France. It is currently present in more than 135 cities in France.

Moreover, Nexity is not limited to France. It counts with several establishments in Europe in countries such as: Poland, Italy, or Belgium.

Nexity Patrimoine specializes in complex rehabilitation or restructuring operations on heritage buildings, 

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About is an online software (SaaS) that allows B2B companies to boost their growth. is a sales enablement solution that combines the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams. It allows you to generate sales materials such as presentations, bid responses, statistical reports and contracts.

In short, provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds.

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