Upslide vs should you consider an alternative to Upslide?

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First of all, it is important for us to congratulate UpSlide for their contribution to Sales Enablement and more specifically sales content management. We are now partly competitors but we recognize the role they have played for over 10 years in this field.

Why do our customers see us as an alternative to UpSlide?

1. SaaS VS Add-in 🌐

UpSlide is an add-in that integrates directly into the Microsoft Office suite, while is an online software (SaaS) that requires no special set up, while automatically aggregating and customizing documents in Microsoft Office or Google Docs format.

2. Industrialization VS Availability ⚙️

UpSlide provides users with content and shortcuts directly in Microsoft Office, while industrializes the creation and personalization of business documents. For, the productivity gain is not so much at a personal level (content creation by a single user for example) but rather at a larger collective and recurring scale. By capitalizing on existing “bricks” for example, teams are quicker to build RFPs or sales presentations.

3. Online vs. Offline 🟢

UpSlide is intended to be used mainly in "offline" mode for its users, and within Microsoft applications on computers. is accessible online, on computer, tablet or smartphone (for people that are always on the move), and does not require a Microsoft Office application open to work! The document is automatically aggregated and customized online, and can then be opened and modified in the application of your choice, in offline mode (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, LibreOffice, Keynote...).

4. Infinite Interconnections vs. Microsoft Interconnections ♾️

The "native" online side of allows it to be very easily interconnected with any system and data sources!

UpSlide integrates - to our knowledge - mainly with data sources related to the Microsoft ecosystem (Power BI in particular). can be interconnected with Power BI data, but also with any type of structured data accessible by API (API of logos, Snowflake, API of companies information, image, statistics, text flows...). Documents created by can thus include graphs, tables and diagrams dynamically fed by said data.

5. Tailored fit pricing 🧵

At, we believe that every customer has very specific needs. That's why we've implemented a custom pricing structure that adapts to different team sizes as well as different use cases: from small teams of 5-10 people, to large teams with several thousand! Simplicity, transparency and predictability are key: you pay for what you use, and nothing else.

6. Customers and innovation, at the center! 💡

At, your success is our success. We cherish each of our clients individually and make it a priority to stimulate them and their Sales Enablement initiatives, every day. From integration, to training, to support, our team is always by your side. We envision the future of based on your feedback : we wish to create the most innovative new features and make them available to the largest crowd possible!

Who are we? 👋 provides an all-in-one solution that automatically assembles and aligns hyper-customized documents in the blink of an eye, creating the perfect sales experience by combining the best of what each team (sales, marketing, IT/data) has to offer.

Today,'s primary competitive advantage is its ability to simultaneously address the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments in creating and managing sales collateral. To achieve this, each department's goals are met individually and then indirectly used to strengthen each other.

On one hand, marketers aim to maximize the impact of their brand image and ensure that it is used harmoniously throughout the company. To do this, they can upload key office documents directly to the platform (which can be updated later if necessary) that they want to highlight. They receive usage statistics, which help them adjust their content or branding strategy. On the other hand, the IT department is able to connect its different databases such as CRM, SQL or ERP for example. The result is a centralization of data, which makes it possible to create highly targeted and relevant documents.

Finally, the goal of any sales team is to increase their productivity and close as many contracts as possible. They can quickly achieve this by generating their hyper-customized sales presentations in a few clicks, choosing the appropriate content from what has been made available by other teams and simply customizing personalization variables such as the customer's name, logo or sales contact.

This way, they are sure to address each of their customers and prospects in the best way, thus increasing their chances of conversion.

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