Up Group x Bricks.ai: 60+ salespeople, 3 key issues

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The Up Group x Bricks.ai project is initially launched in 2019.
Indeed, the latter aims to respond to different issues:

  • A centralization of content;
  • An alignment between marketing and sales teams;
  • A better sales efficiency.

The Bricks.ai solution allows for the rapid creation of hyper-personalized documents that conform to the brand image. It is now part of the daily life of employees.

Context and project

The context of the Up Group x Bricks.ai project

First of all, Up markets a wide range of products and services. Prior to the implementation of Bricks.ai, multiple issues related to the creation of commercial supports were identified.

On the one hand, the marketing department provides content. In addition, the latter respects the brand image of the Up group.

However, the sales people were not using the latest version. Indeed, some of them were using templates from the old charter. They were not using the latest content produced.

In addition, they were spending a lot of time building their sales materials. As a result, sales effectiveness was suffering.

The Up Group x Bricks.ai project

In this context, Up chose Bricks.ai to meet these challenges.

As a first step, marketing structured the content database. This is done in the form of actionable "bricks". In addition, these bricks include personalization variables.

In a second step, access was opened up to sales representatives. Thus, they have in real time the updated versions made available by marketing.

At the same time, marketing has the rights to open access to newcomers. In the same way, it can track the adoption statistics of content and users. This allows for iterative improvement of the content produced.

The results

The Up Group x Bricks.ai project is quickly bearing fruit. Among the benefits we note:

  • A near 100% guarantee of document harmonization.
  • Compliance with the graphic charter and marketing arguments;
  • Saving time in the creation of sales materials** (as opposed to several dozen minutes in the past) by the sales team;

In short, these benefits free up the time of the sales team. In short, these benefits free up the time of the sales team, allowing them to spend much more time on customer relations. This increases the quality of their productions and interactions.

More information

About Up

Up creates payment solutions and services of social and local utility. These are intended for companies and local authorities. They provide the means to act to improve the purchasing power and quality of life of employees and citizens in the regions. Its well-known brands are the UpDéjeuner meal voucher, UpCadhoc gift vouchers, Chèque Lire and Chèque Culture.

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About Bricks.ai

Bricks.ai is an online software (SaaS) that allows B2B companies to boost their business.

Indeed, it is a sales automation tool that unites the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams.

It facilitates the production of documents such as tender responses, statistical reports, contracts or sales presentations.

Bricks.ai provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds to meet the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments.

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