lands STATION F’s Future 40 promising startups ranking is a part of STATION F, the world’s biggest startup campus located in Paris, France. During the second edition of the Future 40 ranking published at the end of 2020, they unveiled their 40 rising stars, issued from all their different programs and operating in all domains. If this year’s pandemic has shown something is that startups can accomplish a lot for society and the Future 40 celebrates STATION F’s most promising residents. In the words of Roxane Varza, STATION F’s director, “ these startups are all working on incredible projects, they have a first traction, they’re young, at the beginning of their journey and each of them has raised less than a million euros. We believe that these are today’s rising stars and that they will become the leaders of tomorrow”. 

This ranking is the fruit of a meticulous selection process

The selection process was extremely thorough, collective and had to be done digitally due to the pandemic. Indeed, it included nominations from the station’s 30 program managers who had to choose among the 1,000 resident startups and followed by a final selection done by staff. The three main aspects taken into consideration for evaluation were:

  1. Business criteria (such as users, revenue, tractions, churn rate…)  in a short time frame,
  2. Intangible assets (such as partners and founder’s background),
  3. A specific maturity stage (all startups must have raised less than 1 million euros and be less than 3 years old). recognized as one of STATION F’s rising stars

In this context, was hand-picked as one of the startups bringing ambitious ideas to life at STATION F. Indeed, their B2B SaaS platform falls within all three of the emerging trends for this year : 

  1. the acceleration of digital transformation processes, 
  2. the automation of repetitive tasks,
  3. the design of highly customized experiences for clients and/or users. 

Today, teams that should empower each other tend to operate in silos. For example ⅓ of sales people’s time is spent creating sales documents whilst 80 % of the material developed by marketing teams for them is in reality never used. This translates into a massive waste of valuable time that could be spent working on what really gives a B2B company their competitive edge: an assertive sales speech powered by a good comprehension of the customer’s needs, targeted data and a strong brand image. With, users access a solution that merges company assets from Sales, Marketing and Data teams in order to create the most relevant presentations, RFPs, statistical reports or contracts. provides an all-in-one solution assembling hyper personalised documents in seconds

As of today,’s key competitive advantage is the capability to simultaneously answer the needs of Sales, Marketing and IT departments in regards to sales content development. In order to achieve this, each department’s goals are met individually and then indirectly used to empower each other. 

On one hand, marketers aim to maximize the impact of their brand image by ensuring it is used harmonically throughout the company. This can be achieved by directly uploading the key office documents (which can later be updated if needed) they wish to promote onto the platform and receiving usage statistics for it in return helping adjust their content or brand image strategy. On the other hand, the IT department is able to connect their different databases  such as a CRM, SQL or an ERP for example. This results in a centralisation of data therefore enabling the creation of highly targeted, and relevant documents.


Finally, the goal for sales teams is to increase their productivity and close as many deals as possible. They can easily do so by creating their hyper-personalized sales documents in a few clicks, choosing the appropriate content from what was previously made available by the other teams and simply personalising small details such as client name or presentation date. This way, they are guaranteed to address each of their customers and/or prospects in the most appropriate way, increasing their chances of conversion. In other words, provides an all-in-one solution assembling and harmonizing hyper-personalized documents in seconds, creating the perfect sales experience by combining the best of what each team (Sales, Marketing, IT/Data) has to offer. pursues their skyrocketing ambitions is currently helping  thousands of users in France and abroad achieve perfect sales, marketing and data alignment and the results are astonishing : conversion rates have increased up to 10 %, up to 20% more deals have been answered and over a 100 000 business documents have been created. However, as a true Future 40, this is only the beginning of the adventure. Indeed,  the next steps are to keep expanding the business worldwide by broadening the customer base and increasing performance by adding new machine learning capabilities.

Watch pitch for STATION F’s Future 40 here!


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Get a free PowerPoint template
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