Seismic vs which alternative to Seismic?

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First of all, it is important for us to congratulate Seismic on their journey. We are competitors but we recognize that when they started, in 2010, they started paving the way for Sales Enablement. The fact that you are here today, looking for an alternative to Seismic, shows just how much the Sales Enablement market has grown in the past few years.

Sales Enablement is the iterative process providing salespeople with the right sales collateral to improve their performance and have a positive impact on sales efficiency. Depending on the organization the subject can be owned by Marketing, Sales or has its dedicated person, team, or even department.

Why do our clients see us as an alternative to Seismic? 👍

1. Personalization at the core 🎨 enables salespeople to personalize their sales materials in the blink of an eye, while respecting marketing standards.

Marketing teams make content available and organize it into different customizable bricks that salespeople can use. Choose the bricks that fit your proposal, fill in the personalization information related to your customer, validate: your document is ready!

2. Support for native document formats 💎

Because we know that salespeople's time is precious, it is essential for us to allow them to work in a familiar environment. Thus, each document assembled in our platform remains fully editable in Microsoft Office or Google Suite.

All design aspects set up by the marketing teams as well as the indicated customization preferences are preserved. This frees up time for salespeople to add a touch of hyper-customization for their customer, and ensure that their proposal stands out from the crowd!

3. A super-intuitive user experience ⚡

Our main goal is to help sales professionals increase their productivity and use their time wisely. After all, salespeople spend ⅓ of their time creating sales materials for their customers and prospects. To ensure that this time spent creating documents is drastically reduced, we have developed an extremely simple user interface.

With just a few clicks, sales professionals are able to select the appropriate content and customize it to the customer or prospect they are addressing. In less than 2 minutes, they get a personalized document perfectly adapted to their image, ready to be used!

For marketers, centralizing and organizing their content has never been easier. Our flexible interface gives them freedom in terms of content management and ensures that only the most recent content is used. Plus, they can ensure that their branded content is used the way they intended: pixel-perfect! Create, update and manage content with just a few clicks.

4. Customers and innovation, at the center! 💡

At, your success is our success. We cherish each of our clients individually and make it a priority to stimulate them and their Sales Enablement initiatives, every day. From integration, to training, to support, our team is always available. We take into account all your feedback to imagine the future of the application, and make the most impactful new features available to the greatest number of people!

Who are we? 👋

As of today,’s key competitive advantage is the capability to simultaneously answer the needs of Sales, Marketing and IT departments in regards to sales content development. In order to achieve this, each department’s goals are met individually and then indirectly used to empower each other.

On one hand, marketers aim to maximize the impact of their brand image by ensuring it is used harmonically throughout the company. This can be achieved by directly uploading the key office documents (which can later be updated if needed) they wish to promote onto the platform and receiving usage statistics for it in return helping adjust their content or brand image strategy. On the other hand, the IT department is able to connect their different databases such as a CRM, SQL or an ERP for example. This results in a centralisation of data therefore enabling the creation of highly targeted, and relevant documents.

Finally, the goal for sales teams is to increase their productivity and close as many deals as possible. They can easily do so by creating their hyper-personalized sales documents in a few clicks, choosing the appropriate content from what was previously made available by the other teams and simply personalising small details such as client name or presentation date. This way, they are guaranteed to address each of their customers and/or prospects in the most appropriate way, increasing their chances of conversion.

In other words, provides an all-in-one solution assembling and harmonizing hyper-personalized documents in seconds, creating the perfect sales experience by combining the best of what each team (Sales, Marketing, IT/Data) has to offer.

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