EXPLORE chooses Bricks.ai to speed up the creation of its commercial contracts and sales proposals

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EXPLORE, designer of BtoB business intelligence softwares, announces that it has selected Bricks.ai, the hyper-customization for documents software, to accelerate its development.

Bricks.ai’s  solution will allow EXPLORE's sales teams to generate sales documents (contracts, sales presentations) ultra-fast, directed by marketing and legal teams - thus ensuring the harmonization and impact of the group's brand image. Customer support teams will be able to industrialize the creation of personalized user guides. The platform will make the reconciliation of the challenges faced by marketing, sales, customer support and contractual compliance teams possible.

The "data" dimension has been integrated into the project, so that company data processed by EXPLORE can be dynamically connected to the solution, in order to feed the descriptive information required to establish the contract, and - in the future - the usage reports of its customers.

Bertrand DOSSEUR, EXPLORE's Marketing Director commented :

"We are pleased with our choice of the Bricks.ai solution for its functional coverage and the quality of its software, both in front and back office. The Bricks team was attentive of our needs throughout the project, and remains at our side for the next steps of deployment. The adoption by the operational teams is the first indicator of success of this particularly structuring project. »

Clément LAMBERT, CEO of Bricks.ai commented: "We are delighted to continue the adventure with EXPLORE, whose teams were able - very early on - to perceive the potential of the hyper-customization allowed by our software. We are committed to helping  EXPLORE boost its growth, by providing the company's various departments with the necessary support! »



EXPLORE is an independent company specialized in the development and management of document and business intelligence softwares. It offers its customers a precise and organized reading of the market and project’s news on their intervention perimeter. Their teams’ expertise allows them to process information in depth and produce targeted and qualified data to support their customers in their development. EXPLORE develops monitoring solutions and databases for : - real estate and urban development professionals, - business services professionals, - local authorities. 

For more information, please contact us: Bertrand Dosseur, CMO- www.explore.fr

About Bricks.ai

Bricks.ai helps B2B companies boost their growth.

Bricks.ai is an online software (SaaS) company that enables sales, marketing and data teams to combine forces to hyper-customize their content (responses to requests for proposals, contracts, statistical reports) in a few seconds, and thus gain impact with their customers.

For more information: Clément LAMBERT, CEO - www.bricks.ai

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