RTEAM x Bricks.ai: +100 salespeople, 3 challenges, 1 solution

RTEAM trusts Bricks.ai since 2019 to boost its commercial efficiency. The solution, which allows the creation of hyper-personalized documents that comply with brand image in a few seconds, is now part of the daily life of the group's sales representatives.

Cyril Marsaud, Director in charge of development at RTEAM, recently took part in Builders, the Bricks.ai to share his experience.

Through this article we go back on this interview and the behind-the-scenes of the project we carried out together.

Context and challenges

The RTEAM Group

RTEAM is a national network of IT and Telecom experts that supports companies in their digital transformation. The group's activities range from the audit of existing infrastructure to the installation, integration and maintenance of solutions and systems at their customers' sites.
With 20 locations, 30,000 customers and more than 250 employees, the group's strength is based on the extensive know-how of its partners and representatives.

The challenges

With more than a hundred sales people who carry a particularly wide range of products, Cyril tells us about three main issues that the group was facing before the launch of Bricks :

  1. Waste of time and energy
  2. Lack of uniformity in sales collateral
  3. Guaranteed use of up-to-date content

On the one hand, sales people were wasting a lot of time building sales presentations. Searching for the right information, assembling and customizing materials was a time-consuming task.

On the other hand, the materials did not necessarily follow the graphic design elements established by marketing. When the materials are transferred and used by each of the sales representatives their own way, the brand image suffers. Indeed, the successive manual modifications lead to variations on the master slides, the pictograms or the color codes previously decided upon.

Finally, it was difficult to guarantee that the content used by the sales representatives was, without exception, the most up-to-date. Indeed, offers evolve and nothing could guarantee that sales representatives had access to the most recent version. This problem is all the more critical as the RTEAM group's offer is vast and complex.

Project & results

The project

For the RTEAM group, the launch as such was quite quick. Indeed, since the software is offered in SaaS mode, there is no need to plan for any worksite in terms of architecture or implementation. In the same way, Cyril remarked how easy it is to use of Bricks. There was no need for special training for the teams. In fact, a simple presentation of the solution and its user-side interface was enough to launch them into generating their own documents.

However, the project of switching to Bricks requires a certain amount of questioning about the content, as our contact person pointed out very well. Indeed, it is essential to rethink the content, whether in terms of essence or form, in order to optimize it and make the most of Bricks' functional capabilities.

Cyril insists on the fact that this focus on content is necessarily beneficial for companies. Indeed, it ensures that your content is up to date, that it respects your graphic charter and that it is optimized in terms of organization.


The impact of Bricks on the commercial efficiency project carried out by the RTEAM group has been very positive. Cyril is delighted with this approach, since it has made it possible to respond to the three issues previously mentioned:

  1. The platform allows sales representatives to save a lot of time. They are now able to generate in a matter of seconds work that used to be tedious and time-consuming.

  2. The supports are standardized since they are worked on in terms of form and content before being made available to the sales representatives. The latter always use content that is relevant and that respects the company's graphic charter.

  3. It is now possible to guarantee that the content used is always the most recent. The content administrators have control over what is made available and are responsible for keeping it up to date. Sales people become consumers of content, and no longer have to worry about the validity of the offers they put forward.

The gain in time, clarity and quality brought by Bricks to RTEAM in the generation of commercial equipment is undeniable. The simplicity of the tool compared to the complexity of the catalog of offers which is carried by the group has also strongly contributed to its adoption by users. Cyril also notes that the most efficient sales representatives are often the most assiduous users of Bricks.

So, are you ready to test the impact of Bricks on your company's sales efficiency?

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