Odigo x Bricks.ai: 70+ sales people, 6 countries, 2 key issues

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Odigo, a fast-growing international contact center, chose Bricks.ai, a hyper-customization Sales Enablement software, in 2019 to gain efficiency in the production of its sales documents, while ensuring the consistency of its brand image.

Bricks.ai allows Odigo's sales teams to generate standardized sales presentations in any language, enriched with market data by country.

Anais Burmeister, Pre-Sales Consultant in Odigo's Pre-sales team, recently appeared on Bricks.ai's Builders show to tell us more about her experience and said:

"We needed to standardize our content, especially our sales proposals, and deliver it in all languages. Bricks managed to solve both issues, today in less than a minute a salesperson can generate a personalized document respecting the Odigo charter and in the language they need."

Here we look back at this exchange as well as the behind-the-scenes of the project we conducted together!

Background and challenges

Odigo is in full expansion with 650 experts in 6 European countries.
In this context, it was essential for Odigo to find a sales automation tool that will allow it to automate its content and structure the organization of its sales presentations in various languages.

Project and results

The project

The project led by Odigo and Bricks.ai includes two main focuses:

  • Enable simple and centralized updating of standardized content such as sales proposals.
  • Deliver all this content in all languages.

On the one hand, Odigo's Pre-sales team administrators can upload and update their content on a single platform.

On the other hand, only the team has control over the content creation and management. This way, they can ensure that the graphic charter is always respected and that content is always up to date from one business unit to another.

Finally, the Group's 70 sales people can quickly create their sales collateral from the content provided by the Pre-sales team upstream.


Bricks.ai’s adoption by the Odigo teams has a positive impact on several aspects. First, the solution is intuitive and easy to use. It allows salespeople to generate personalized documents in less than a minute and in the language of their choice.

On the other hand, the solution ensures that all Odigo documents are consistent. Thanks to Bricks, the company's corporate identity is truly respected without any additional effort on the part of the sales team.

Odigo’s feedback

Sales team feedback

The sales teams quickly made using Bricks.ai a habit. The tool is now one of their favourites, confirms Anaïs :

"The Bricks.ai tool is one of the most appreciated and used internal tools at Odigo."

Odigo's word to future Bricks.ai customers

Odigo recommends Bricks as a performant sales enablement tool to enable teams and help them focus on value added activities.

Anais also praises the respect of the charter and the consistency of the company's documents preserved by Bricks.ai.

To summarize Anais quotes:

"If you want a simple, fast, aesthetically pleasing solution that saves your employees time while preserving the consistency of your business; go for it, adopt Bricks!"

About Odigo

Flexible, scalable, innovative and secure; Odigo is a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution provider that streamlines interactions between large organizations and individuals through a world-class omnichannel contact center management solution. With its innovative approach based on empathy and technology, Odigo enables brands to reconnect with the fundamental need for humanization while taking full advantage of digital opportunities. A pioneer in the customer experience market, the company works with more than 250 leading companies in over 100 countries. Odigo is growing rapidly with 650 experts in 6 European countries: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain.

For more information: www.odigo.com

About Bricks.ai

Bricks.ai is an online software (SaaS) that enables B2B companies to boost their growth.
Bricks.ai is a sales enablement solution that combines the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams to generate the most relevant presentations, RFP responses, statistical reports or contracts.
Bricks.ai provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds to meet the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments.

For more information: www.bricks.ai

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