NRJ Global Regions x 220+ sales, 3 key issues

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The NRJ Global Régions x project begins in 2018. NRJ Global Régions is the local advertising agency of the NRJ group. The collaboration aims to optimize the production of marketing content for clients. In a nutshell, the goal is to increase marketing efficiency.

In this context, the solution allows the rapid construction of homogeneous and personalized marketing materials. It is now part of the daily life of all sales teams.

Context and challenges of the NRJ Global Régions x project

NRJ Global Regions x the challenges

NRJ Global Régions has more than 220 sales representatives throughout France. Their job involves building sales presentations on a daily basis, an activity that can be time-consuming.

The project aimed to meet three different challenges:

  1. To save time in the production of content for the sales teams
  2. Customize statistical/media elements within the media in a semi-automated way
  3. Homogenize all media to guarantee the impact of customer presentations

NRJ Global Regions x : Project and results

The project

In order to meet these challenges, NRJ Global Régions turned to the solution.

With the implementation of, the creation of commercial presentations was rethought to help sales representatives in this exercise. Statistical data (audiences by city) and media integration (sounds, images, videos) can now be configured in a few moments to create qualitative sales materials.


Following the availability of, the sales teams have saved an enormous amount of time in the production of content, as shown by the quotes from NRJ users below!

A revolution for me. Having the slides pre-filled makes things easier and saves me time."

"The major advantage for me is the time saving. All I have to do is customize the proposal and make adjustments.

"Excellent tool that saves a tremendous amount of time on proposal completion."

In addition, users point to the fact that using Bricks has made it possible to standardize the media:

"We get lost less in the technicality of certain products. The content is more streamlined and customer benefit oriented."

Very easy to use, practical and quick to build the proposal. The tool makes it possible to have a really uniform and constructed proposal in a few minutes."

"Thanks to Bricks the presentation is more qualitative visually."


About NRJ Global Régions

As the exclusive agency for the NRJ group's local radio stations since 1993, NRJ Global Régions markets advertising solutions to local and regional advertisers.

Their mission is to advise and support their clients in the choice and implementation of their local and/or regional advertising communication!

Leader on the French local radio market, their success is explained by their various geographical locations as well as their unique offer BUSINESS SOLUTIONS #Radio #Digital #Events.

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About is an online software (SaaS) that allows B2B companies to boost their business.

Indeed, it is a sales automation tool that unites the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams.

It facilitates the production of documents such as tender responses, statistical reports, contracts or sales presentations. provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds to meet the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments.

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