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InfoPro Digital x in search of business efficiency

The InfoPro Digital x project begins in 2018.
Infopro Digital is the European leader in professional information and services.
The group, created in 2000, has a B2B database of over 3 million active contacts, the richest in France. allows InfoPro Digital to generate its own personalized marketing materials.

Stéphane Philip is a consultant in digital levers for Leadgen B2B at Infopro Digital. He told us about his experience with during our Builders show.

Context and challenges

The context of the Infopro Digital x project

First of all, Infopro Digital's sales people generate PowerPoint presentations every day. These presentations are intended for many companies, to whom they sell their services. They must be personalized according to the profile of each client. This personalization requires a lot of time.

The sales people needed a sales automation tool to create personalized sales collateral quickly and qualitatively.
The objective is to gain in sales efficiency and marketing harmonization.

The project challenges

The Infopro Digital x project is based on two main challenges:

  1. First, the sales teams were losing a lot of time in the creation of their sales presentations (nearly 1 hour for each client). They needed to be more efficient.

  2. In addition, the presentations needed to be customized for each client. This implies a high level of quality. It must be achieved while respecting the graphic charter of the company.

The goal was to have an automated solution with the ability to generate documents and presentations quickly and easily, for all sales people.

Project and results

The project

The project led by Infopro Digital is focused on two objectives:

  1. To save time in the creation of presentations;
  2. To guarantee the uniformity and the updating of the contents.

First, Infopro Digital's administrators (in this case the marketing team) have the ability to add and update PowerPoint content on the platform. This content is instantly accessible by all sales representatives.

In a second step, the sales representatives can build their presentations independently. They select the content bricks present on the platform, with the certainty that it is the source of truth validated by the marketing team. Before completing a customization form on the context of their client (name, logo, sector - for example).

The results

The use of Bricks has had a very positive impact on the work of Infopro Digital's sales team, as Stéphane confirms:

Bricks has changed my life! It saves a lot of time when making presentations. > I can make a presentation in less than ten seconds, when it used to take me several hours,
even days in the past."

Indeed, the sales teams have been able to save a considerable amount of time in the preparation of their presentations and sales proposals: in a few seconds, the presentations are customized for the client, and choreographed according to the group's guidelines.

Finally, this better coordination between the sales and marketing teams has resulted in two key benefits:

  1. to have presentations ready and personalized quickly, to gain in commercial efficiency;
  2. guaranteeing compliance with the graphic charter, to maximize the impact of the brand image.

Infopro Digital's feedback

The feeling of the teams

The sales teams have all adopted the platform, which has become an indispensable tool in their daily work:

"It's a huge time saver: I save time and therefore money because in the business > of sales, time is money!"

Indeed, Bricks has allowed Infopro Digital's sales people to reduce their work time on creating presentations. This time saving could be reinvested in other value-added activities, such as interactions with their customers, promoting the development of the company.

Infopro Digital's word to future customers

Infopro Digital highly recommends Bricks as a sales tool for marketing and sales teams, in connection with their presentations and sales documents.

Stéphane Philip confirms his satisfaction:

"It's simple, it's intuitive, it's easy to use. We enjoy using Bricks!
If you, as a sales person, want to save time, I strongly encourage you to
use Bricks to make your presentations!"


About Infopro Digital

Infopro Digital is a leading player in the field of B2B information and services, with 3,300 employees and more than 100 brands covering the insurance and finance, automotive aftermarket, construction, retail, industrial and public sectors.

The group offers its customers multimedia products and solutions. Software, trade shows, databases, digital solutions, lead generation, analytics and insights, events and training help Infopro Digital's clients to. :

  • Improve their efficiency and productivity;
  • Make informed decisions faster with better information on a daily basis;
  • Increase their revenues by generating new business and sales opportunities.

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About is an online software (SaaS) that allows B2B companies to boost their business.

Indeed, it is a sales support solution that unites the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams.

It facilitates the production of documents such as tender responses, statistical reports, contracts or sales presentations. provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds to meet the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments.

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Get a free PowerPoint template
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