DV Group x Bricks.ai : 50+ salespeople, 21 european offices, 6+ languages

The DV GROUP x Bricks.ai project aims to update and standardize marketing materials. To achieve this, DV Group has been trusting us since 2020, as Bricks.ai allows for the rapid creation of hyper-customized documents in line with the brand image.

DV Group has 250 employees, including 50 sales representatives. Moreover, they are spread over 21 agencies in Europe.
Nevertheless, the tool is now part of the sales staff's daily routine.

Caroline Pillien is responsible for Marketing and Communication at DV Group. She recently participated in the Builders program to share her experience with us.

In short, this article summarizes the exchange as well as the backstage of the project we carried out together!

DV Group x Bricks.ai: context and challenges

The context of the project

DV Group has 3 business units: Maintenance, Control and Engineering. This activity implies an important know-how and numerous offers. Consequently, there is a large quantity of sales collateral. Moreover, they are available in 7 languages (fr, en, it, pt, es, de, nl). Indeed, the group operates on a European scale and must translate its materials.

The challenges of the DV Group x Bricks.ai project

In this context, it was difficult for the DV Group marketing team to meet two main
main difficulties.

First, it was complicated to update the content in the different languages available.
Secondly, it was necessary to ensure that the sales team used the material provided. Indeed, the habit until now was to create sales presentations on their own.

Project and results

The project

The project conducted by DV Group and Bricks.ai includes three main areas:

  • Enable simple and centralized content updates;
  • Ensuring the standardization of sales materials;
  • Ensuring that the right documents are used by the sales team.

On the one hand, Marketing and Communication team members can deposit and update their content on a single platform.

On the other hand, only this team has control over the creation and management of materials. Thus, it can ensure that the graphic charter is respected from one business unit to another.

Finally, the group's 50 sales people can quickly create a presentation. This is done using the materials provided.

The results

The adoption of Bricks has a positive impact on several aspects. On the one hand, the solution is intuitive and easy to use. This enables the adoption by the sales team and content update by marketing.

On the other hand, the solution guarantees the consistency of sales materials. Thus, thanks to Bricks, the graphic charter of the company is really respected. Moreover, this is done without any additional effort from the sales team.

More information

About DV Group

DV GROUP is an industrial services company specialized in Engineering, Maintenance and Control. For 50 years, it has worked every day to satisfy its customers. It develops solutions adapted to all industrial processes.

DV Group is a real leader in the region in its field. Indeed, DV Group has more than 250 employees and 21 agencies in Europe.

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About Bricks.ai

Bricks.ai is an online software (SaaS) that allows B2B companies to boost their business.

Indeed, it is a sales automation tool solution that unites the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams.

It facilitates the production of documents such as tender responses, statistical reports, contracts or sales presentations.

Bricks.ai provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds to meet the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments.

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