x Tibco : 90 locations in France, 4 challenges

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Tibco is a digital services company. It ensures the evolution, availability, relevance of information systems and communication of companies. They trust since 2021 to generate hyper-personalized and branded documents faster.This article retraces Tibco's experience with theset up process ( x Tibco) and the platform.

Stéphane Groc is the pre-sales manager for the Tibco group. He recently participated in the Builders show to tell us more about it.

Background and challenges

Tibco’s background

Our solution helps Tibco's employees, present across 90 locations in France, to generate homogenized sales presentations easily.

Accordingly, Tibco wants to provide solutions for their sales teams to enable sales collateral creation. x Tibco challenges

Above all, the sales automation tool must meet three main challenges. In the first place, content needs to be centralized in one platform. For example, each business unit has their own offers and products.

In the second place, documents must be harmonized while respecting the company's identity and graphic charter.

Finally, they wanted an automated system with the ability to deliver a proposal quickly. In addition, the system must allow data and information updates in real time.

To sum up, meeting these three challenges would allow sales teams to save time on their sales collateral creation. x Tibco : project and results

The x Tibco project

Tibco and conducted a project that includes three main areas:

  • Enable the centralization of all content;
  • Guarantee the uniformity of the documents by respecting the company's identity and charter;
  • Save time by updating data in real time.

First, the Tibco administrator team can deposit and update their content on a unique platform.
Secondly, only this team has control over media management and creation. Therefore, it ensures that the graphic charter is respected from one business unit to another.

Furthermore, the Group's sales people can quickly create a presentation from the materials provided by Stéphane Groc and other administrators.

The results

The implementation of Bricks has had a positive impact for Tibco. Subsequently, Stéphane Groc explains it focused on two main areas.

On the one hand, on an organizational level. Tibco decided to review and structure its offer differently. In fact, they chose to map the content on the platform to make it more readable.

On the other hand, on a functional level for teams. To illustrate, the adoption of the platform has changed their work habits. is now the go-to for document creation and management.

In Stephane's words, this is related to the fact that “Bricks is a content management platform, simple, convenient and ergonomic, it changes the way we work”.

A message to future customers

The implementation of Bricks at Tibco has been a success. So much so, that the word Stéphane communicates to future customers is “benefits”.

These advantages are varied:

  • User friendly platform;
  • It saves teams time when creating quality documents;
  • Simplified organization and centralization of information;
  • Helps maintain the company's image.

All in all, in the words of Stéphane “I only see one risk, it is to end up addicted”.


More about Tibco

Tibco is a digital services company. Truly, they aspire to ensure a sustainable digital world. To do this, they take into account the following aspects: economy, human and the planet.

The company has been focusing its energy and know-how since 1985 to achieve its commitments to its customers. Hence, it provides them with digital technology to deliver a top notch service. In brief, Tibco orders its activity around the motto “living the digital life”.

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More about is an online software (SaaS) that enables B2B companies to boost their business. is a sales automation tool that unites the strengths of sales, marketing and IT teams. In other words, it enables content creation. For instance, documents such as statistical reports, contracts or sales presentations.

In short, provides an all-in-one solution that assembles hyper-customized documents in seconds to meet the needs of sales, marketing and IT departments.

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